Do you have a used sorter or other sorting system for recycling?

BE Equipment Offers Removal and Liquidation Services for Sorting Systems

We Buy Used Commingled Sorters, Single-Stream Sorting aad Other Recycling Sorting Equipment

Do you have used, unwanted, broken, non-functioning or obsolete recycling sorting equipment? 

BE Equipment not only sells and services recycling; waste reduction, and solid waste handling equipment; but we can also provide removal and liquidation services for your unwanted equipment. As part of our effort to maintain a large and varied sorting equipment inventory for our customers, we are continuously searching for functioning or reconditionable recycling sorting systems and sorting equipment. 


Sell Your Sorting System


Our used and reconditioned recycling/waste reduction equipment inventory is acquired through various channels including client facilities located throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Most, but not all of our client supplied used inventory comes from locations in the eastern half of the United States. 

We are always in the market to purchase used sorter and other recycling sorting equipment. Please contact us if you have an unwanted commingled sorting system, single-stream sorting system or other recycling sorting equipment. 

Below you will find a list containing some of the typical waste handling and recycling equipment that we offer removal and liquidations services on.


  • Single-Stream Sorting System
  • Dual-Stream Sorting System
  • Commingled Sorting System (Comingled)
  • Optical Sorting System
  • OCC Sorting System
  • Fiber Sorting System
  • Machinex Technologies (MRF)
  • Materials Recycling sorter
  • Corrugated Cardboard Sorting System
  • Construction and Demolition Recovery
  • Materials Recovery Facility

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