Recycling Equipment Services

Need help maintaining, repairing, moving or selling your recycling equipment?

BE Equipment sells and services recycling equipment, waste reduction equipment, and solid waste handling equipment. We offer a wide variety of new, reconditioned and used recycling equipment including but not limited to: balers, conveyors, sorting systems, shredders, commercial/industrial compactors, MRF systems, core strippers, and briquetters. We can assist you with all of your recycling and waste handling needs.

Extensive Parts Inventory

Our extensive inventory of parts allows us to accomplish most of your maintenance and repair jobs quickly and efficiently. BE’s fleet of fully-equipped vehicles gets our technicians to your site, ready with the tools and parts you need. 

Planned Maintenance, Equipment Relocation and Liquidation

Keep your repairs to a minimum – arrange a BE Planned Maintenance Program today. Maintenance is always cheaper than repair! 

Need to relocate or remove equipment? Call our Service Department to make arrangements. BE Equipment offers this service, too. 

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Our experienced recycling equipment service department primarily concentrates on our core areas surrounding Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, New York, District of Columbia and Virginia. However, our extensive network of service subcontractors further enhances our ability to service our customers needs nationwide. 

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Lubrication Is Key!

Your steel belt conveyor needs lubrication. Keep oilers full. Lubricate all hinge points regularly. This treatment will greatly extend the life of your belt.

Too much on your plate? Let a BE Equipment Planned Maintenance Program keep your equipment in top shape.