Do you have a used baler or other recycling and waste reduction equipment?

BE Equipment Offers Removal and Liquidation Services

We Buy Used Balers and Other Recycling Equipment

Do you have used, unwanted, broken, non-functioning or obsolete recycling equipment and waste reduction equipment? 

BE Equipment not only sells and services; recycling, waste reduction, and solid waste handling equipment; but we can also provide removal and liquidation services for your unwanted equipment. As part of our effort to maintain a large and varied inventory for our customers, we are continuously searching for functioning or reconditionable recycling and waste reduction equipment. 

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We are always in the market to purchase used baling and other recycling equipment. Please contact us if you have an unwanted baler, industrial baler, commercial compactor, industrial compactor, shredder, grinder, conveyor, sorting system or other recycling and waste reduction equipment.