Reconditioned and Used Granulators, Grinders, and Shredders

Is your Business in need of an Efficient Granulator, Grinder or Shredder?

At BE Equipment, we offer professional services and sales of equipment such as waste reduction, recycling, and waste handling equipment. Our offer includes various used and reconditioned shredders for paper, microfiche, corrugated boxes, microfilm, document destruction, computer hard drives, transparencies, and microfiche. We also provide shredding systems that are capable of compacting capacities and maximizing baling.


Many of our shredders are manufactured by:

  • Ameri-Shred Corp
  • Weima
  • Balemaster
  • BloAppCo
  • Vecoplan
  • Allegheny
  • SSI
  • Shred Tech
  • Granutech Saturn
  • Retech
  • REI
  • Cumberland
  • Untha
  • Zurma
  • SEM
  • American Pulverizer
  • Komar 
  • Jordan Reduction
  • Pallmann
  • Wendt
  • Republic Machine
  • Cresswood 

Are you in need of a specific? 

the inventory of our Shredders at BE Equipment consists of several solutions such as:

Available Nationwide 

We offer used and reconditioned shredders in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Used and new shredding or recycling equipment are provided by our experienced service department in New York, New Jersey, District Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Delaware. Nevertheless, nationwide services are available through the assistance of our subcontractors. 


Maintenance Program

Our offer also includes maintenance of different kinds of shredding and recycling equipment such as sorting systems, balers, briquetters, compactors, and conveyors.

Do you need assistance?

Get in touch with us to get help for your waste handling and recycling needs.