Reconditioned and Used Granulators, Grinders, and Shredders

Do you need an efficient way of shredding or grinding waste or recyclables?

At BE Equipment, we are an experienced supplier of different types of equipment useful for shredding or grinding different wastes and recyclables. Our shredders and grinders can be used for eWaste, credit cards, computer hard drives, pallets, document destruction, paper, transparencies, metal, microfilm, corrugated boxes, microfiche, and many other types of wastes and recyclables.

Furthermore, we offer shredding systems that can be used for compacting all sorts of capacities and maximizing baling.


The inventory of our shredding systems and grinders consists of several manufacturers which include the likes of:

  • Allegheny
  • Ameri-Shred Corp
  • SSI
  • Blower Application Company
  • Weima America
  • Jordan Reduction Equipment
  • Shred Tech

Do you need a specific type of shredding systems?

If you are in need of a specific type of shredding systems, we have a wide range of shredders here. Our shredding systems include:

Our service also includes maintenance programs for grinding equipment, shredding equipment and many other types of recycling equipment you are in need of. 

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Maintenance Program

Our offer also includes maintenance of different kinds of shredding and recycling equipment such as sorting systems, balers, briquetters, compactors, and conveyors.

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