Densifiers for Styrofoam or EPS

Does your business need a briquetter / densifier?

BE Equipment provides sales and professional services for recycling, waste reduction, and waste handling equipment industries that produce waste that falls into the category of other materials. As part of our offering we offer new briquetters and densifiers for other materials from various manufacturer including Sebright, Heger, Avangard, SP Industries, GreenMax, and Runi.  

An innovative solution that is suitable for all types of Styrofoam. Volume reduction is the role of this simple but effective machine that reduces disposal costs. These models of densifiers compact the EPS / EPP creating dense bricks that can be stacked on a pallet to maximize shipping weights.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) commonly known as Styrofoam TM (trademark of Dow Chemical) is found almost everywhere in our daily lives. It is used for everything from coffee cups to home insulation because of its light weight and high insulation value. EPS often gets a bad rap from environmentalists but did you know that it is a high value recyclable material?

Polystyrene Densification Systems & EPS Foam Densification Systems

Recycled EPS is used to make a host of items from DVD cases to park benches. So why does so much EPS still go to the landfill? It is precisely because the material is light and bulky. A whole semi full of the lose material may weigh as little as 3,000 LBs. Let’s be conservative and say it is worth $.25 per pound and that would make the whole load worth $750. Unfortunately, you can’t ship it very far for $750. However, if the EPS is run through a Densifier before shipment it can be stacked on pallets and load weights can be over 40,000 pounds! A 38,000 pound load @ $.25/pound is worth $9,500.00!!!

Benefits Include:

  • Densified EPS Foam full truckload weights *
  • Up to 1200 lbs. per Hour**
  • Heavy Duty / Low Maintenance
  • Integral Dust Collection Port
  • Sealed Design/ Clean Operation
  • Two Line Operator Display
  • PLC Modem for Remote Support
  • Automated Density Control System
  • Consistent EPS Discharge
  • No Heat Is Applied
  • Does NOT Melt EPS
  • Automatic Discharge Shear Option
  • No Odors
  • Low Labor Requirement
  • Low Energy Requirements