4 Things You Need to Know About Cardboard Balers and Compactors

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

1) What is a cardboard baler?

Used Vertical 2The recent rise in popularity for cardboard balers falls in line with a global community that is much more focused on sustainability than in previous years. They are crucial pieces of recycling equipment responsible for keeping vast amounts of cardboard out of landfills by pressing the cardboard into compressed bales - reducing the volume by up to 90 percent - which are then tied off and easily transported to recycling facilities. The closest relative to this equipment that most people are familiar with is a trash compactor.

2) Why Invest in a Cardboard Baler?

Companies that use large amounts of cardboard boxes are often scrutinized by their local governments under new cardboard waste commercial regulations in order to conserve the environment. The general notion is that the responsibility of recycling and reprocessing of cardboard should fall into the hands of companies who produce and/or use large amounts of the material. This is handled easily with balers and compactors that make the experience less of a hassle by significantly compacting and neatly tying bales, reducing the cost of hauling.


3) No More Employees Crushing Boxes by Hand

The time it takes an employee to properly break down a cardboard box, then stomp it down in a recycling bin is costing you money. And that can add up over the long-run. Limit the time your workers are spending handling waste so you can increase productivity in other areas. Cut down on waste management costs in the long run.


4) Turn Garbage Cardboard Into a Profit Center

Cardboard baling machines typically come in two different forms, the vertical baler and the horizontal baler. Depending on the size of your warehouse and the volume of cardboard you're moving will determine the type of baler you need. A vertical baler has a smaller footprint and is typically used in locations where space is limited, such as hotels or retail stores.

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Larger operations benefit from horizontal balers because they require less material handling and can handle a higher volume as waste is simply thrown into a hopper to be compacted.

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Not only does it keep everything neat, it can also become another profit center as recycling companies actually pay for used cardboard!



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