Reconditioned and used Sorting Systems and Components

Are you in need of the right method to sort, preprocess or sort recyclable material?

We specialize in professional sales and services of all kinds of recycling, waste handling, and waste reduction equipment. The types of equipment we offer include sorting systems and conveying systems. Our offering at BE Equipment includes a wide range of sorting equipment and MRF solutions you need. 


Some of the manufacturers of the inventory of our used sorting system are: 

  • Endura-Veyor
  • Mayfran
  • Bulk Handling Systems (BHS)
  • Machinex
  • Hustler
  • Recycling Equipment Manufacturing (REM)
  • Green Machine
  • Titan
  • CP Manufacturing
  • Krause
  • Jorgenson
  • Tuffman
  • World Wide Equipment
  • CS Bell
  • General Kenimatics
  • Prodeva
  • Prab
  • Bunting Magnetics
  • Marathon Equipment
  • Remcon
  • Bollegraaf
  • Central Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Eriez
  • Steinert
  • Walker Magnetics
  • Javelin Manufacturing


Do you need Specific Type of Sorting System?

The types of sorting systems in our inventory include: 


Sorting Systems In-Stock


Do you need help concerning sorting systems and components? 

We are always available to help you when you need assistance concerning your recycling and waste handling needs.