Used Alligator Shear

Looking for Reconditioned or Used Alligator Shears to Cut Scrap Metal, Cable, or Rebar?

BE Equipment provides sales and professional services for reconditioned / used scrap metal cutting equipment.  As part of our offering we provide various mechanical and hydraulic Alligator Shears that are capable of cutting a variety of material.  So whether you need to cut steelcut clean metalscut cable or rebar, we have a machine that will fit your recycling needs.



Our used Alligator Shear inventory often includes models from a variety of manufacturers.

  • Strip Tech
  • McIntyre
  • Sweed
  • RES Corporation
  • Gensco
  • Imabe
  • Hill-Acme
  • Canton
  • Scott
  • Kajman
  • Bronneberg
  • Constellation
  • Eldan
  • Scotty
  • Leford
  • Delta
  • Enterprise
  • Mosley
  • Rigby
  • Ma-Tech