Used and Reconditioned Cardboard, Plastic & Other Material Balers

We have the Suitable Used or Reconditioned Cardboard Baling System you need!

But it doesn't end with cardboard. Professional sales and services of different kinds of hydraulic baling equipment are provided by BE Equipment. From used or reconditioned metal balers, bimetal balers, cardboard balers, foam balers, plastic bottle balers, paper balers, UBC balers, aluminum can balers, and shrink wrap balers, We are capable of providing the right baling equipment and baling systems. Based on your budgets and business needs, our sales department is ready to help you in choosing the right model of baling equipment. 

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Baler Manufacturers

Some of the manufacturers of the model of the baling system we offer at BE Equipment are: 

  • International Baler
  • Harris
  • International Press and Shear  
    (IPS Baler)
  • Selco
  • Max Pak
  • C&M Baler
  • National Baler
  • Balemaster
  • American Baler
  • BOA
  • Wastequip
  • Accurate
  • Cram A Lot Baler
  • Marathon Baler
  • Vertech
    (GPI Harmony Baler)
  • Load King Baler
  • K Metal Fabrication
    (KMF Baler)
  • Philadelphia Tramrail Baler 
    (PTR Baler)
  • Excel Baler
  • MacPresse
  • Equipment Controls
  • JV Manufacturing
  • Economy Baler
  • NexGen
  • Maren Baler
  • Bollegraaf Baler
  • Mosley Baler
  • Sierra Baler
  • Mac Press Baler
  • Logemann Baler
  • PAAL Group
  • McClain
  • Epco


Do you want a specific type of baler? 

We offer different types of balers from various manufacturers. the types of balers we have are: