Hydraulic Waste Compactors

Looking to efficiently reduce cost of managing / disposal of the waste at your facility?

BE Equipment offers a wide range of hydraulic waste compactors and waste compacting systems.  This includes various sizes / capacity stationary compactors, self-contained compactors and pre-crusher waste compactors.

Stationary Waste Compactors

Hydraulic Stationary Compactors are designed to handle dry waste including corrugated boxes, paper, plastic, industrial material, aluminum and more in commercial and industrial settings. Department stores, offices and warehouses that generate at least 100 cubic yards of waste per week are perfect for stationary compactors. The compactor body is permanently attached to a concrete pad and the container is attached to the body of the compactor. Wastequip stationary compactors accept containers from 17 to 40 cubic yards which fits on most standard hoists. Larger containers are available.

Self-Contained Waste Compactors

Self-contained compactors are designed for handling wet waste but are also used for handling dry waste in order to avoid the mess associated when breaking away a stationary compactor. These self-contained compactors are designed for hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, hospitals and other sites that generate at least 100 cubic yards of waste per week. We can offer self-contained compactors in single and twin cylinder (space-saving) designs.

Pre-Crusher Waste Compactors

Pre-crushers are designed to reduce trash volume before it is compacted into a container by destroying large, bulky items such as barrels, pallets, crates, electronics, furniture or other difficult-to-compact items. Pre-crushers are powerful compactors that work much like typical stationary compactors with a detachable receiver container or box. Designed with a heavy bulkhead, pre-crushers reduce the volume of bulk material before moving it into the receiving container. Wastequip pre-crushers are powerful offering up to 141,000 lbs. of force with large charge box openings.

Vertical Waste Compactors

Vertical compactors are ideal for restaurants, motels, grocery stores, apartment complexes or any other places where installation space is limited. These units can be configured for front, rear, left or right feeding depending on your specific requirements.

Apartment Style Waste Compactors

Apartment compactors provide big compaction performance for small spaces like the trash rooms of high-rise apartments, condominiums or other locations where space is tight. It's mini design provides powerful compaction in a small footprint and allows rear, side or chute feed applications.



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