Auger Compactors

Looking to efficiently reduce cost of managing / disposal of the waste at your facility?

BE Equipment offer a wide range of Auger Compactors depending on the requirements. This includes various sizes / capacity stationary compactors and self-contained compactors. 

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Sani-Tech Auger Compactors outperform traditional ram style hydraulic compactors in many ways.  The all-electric drive eliminates oils, reservoirs, filters, contamination or hydraulic line maintenance.  Our continuous foward-moving auger eliminates cycle times and can process material five times faster than comparably sized ram compactors.  Since the auger pre-crushes material, the auger will typically compact two to three times more material into the same size container as a ram style hydraulic compactor. 

You may have heard this story

Waste haulers are no fans of the auger industrial compactor. This is understandable since their income depends largely on the number of pickups they make. When the auger can cut pickups by 60 to 80%, its little wonder that haulers will urge you to stick with your ram units. In fact, a few of the larger hauling companies actually sell hydraulic compactors. But please remember that it's your bottom line that you need to be concerned about - no one else's. The economic benefits of the Komar auger industrial compactor speak for themselves, and should be considered in their own right when making equipment decisions. We have plenty of customers who will never go back to ram compactors, no matter what their waste haulers tell them.

Here’s why customers around the globe have chosen the auger industrial compactor over ram industrial compactors:

Superior load density

Auger Compactor - Superior Load DensityThe auger does more than just compress waste. Its 3-dimensional shredding action reduces volume significantly, packing 3 to 5 times more material into a 40 yd. container than a conventional ram compactor. By increasing load density, you can save big by eliminating unnecessary transportation by waste haulers. Many of our auger industrial compactor customers have gone from one pull per day to one per week. Open top container loads of pallets and crates can be reduced by up to 85%; conventional ram industrial compactor loads of cardboard and general plant waste by up to 75%; and ram style pre-crusher loads by up to 60%. In addition, the shredded waste in the receiving containers, despite the heavier load, empties easily, without the need to manually pull the material out.

No drag-back

Auger Compactor has no drag-backThe Komar auger industrial compactor utilizes a single large-pitch compression screw that, unlike the back-and-forth action of ram units, is continually moving forward, reducing processing time and energy costs, and leaving no drag-back residue in the processing chamber.

No spring-back

The auger’s one-way material flow also eliminates spring-back by applying constant pressure against the compacted material in the receiving container.

Forget about chute jamming

The continuous forward motion of the auger processes waste up to 5 times faster than a ram compactor. Auger Compactor has no chute jammingSo even in high-volume conveyor-fed operations, material flows smoothly and never backs up into the feed chute with the auger industrial compactor.

No hydraulic mess

Komar EM models are clean, green compacting machines, powered solely by electromechanical drives. There's no pressurized oil to leak, no extra labor to clean it up. Auger industrial compactor units can also operate in all weather conditions, even in the coldest climates.

Cut your electric bills

The fast and efficient operation of the auger industrial compactor requires 50% fewer kilowatt hours per cubic yard of throughput as compared to conventional compactors. And it does not require an electric heater to prevent freezing up in cold weather, as can be the case with any kind of hydraulic equipment.