Tippers & Dumpers

Container Box Dumpers

This equipment is basically meant to enhance the productivity of the employees in your facility and reduce the risk of injury they may encounter when bending or lifting materials.

Advantages of box dumpers

  • Electrical and hydraulic components can be easily accessed
  • Severe-duty, composite sleeve bearing at the main pivot point and other kinds of pivot points can be done
  • We provide box dumpers that weight tested before they are shipped out of our shop
  • 36” thru 96” dump heights, in 12” increments, are standard
  • We provide quick response to any quotation inquiry and deliver on time at a competitive price
  • We offer integration services
  • Expedited delivery which includes custom designs can be provided for all kinds of box dumpers


The inventory of our new dumpers consists of many manufacturers such as:

  • Beacon
  • Vestil
  • Sani-tech Systems
  • Endura-Veyor
  • Ensign

We ensure nationwide availability of our dumpers through our dumper/ recycling equipment department and experienced subcontractors. Our services are available in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Do you need help for dumpers/ recycling equipment?

We are here to offer you all kinds of assistance for your dumpers and other recycling equipment. We also provide maintenance programs.


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