Scrap Metal Recycling

Alligator Shears, Drum Crushers, Choppers and More

BE Equipment provides sales and professional services for recycling, waste reduction, and waste handling equipment for scrap metal. As part of our offering we provide scrap metal processing equipment including:

  • Alligator Shears
  • Drum Crushers / Drum Crushing Systems
  • Choppers
  • Copper Wire Processing Systems
  • ASR Wire Processing Systems
  • WEEE Recycling Systems
  • Auto Shredder Residue Systems
  • Wire Strippers

Our new offerings come from a wide variety of manufacturers:

  • Strip Technology
  • Sweed Machinery
  • R.E.S
  • BACE
  • International Baler
  • Imabe
  • McIntyre
  • Guidetti
  • Granutech 


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We often have new and used scrap metal recycling equipment in stock; however our new equipment is is typically made to order.

We also offer planned maintenance programs for briquetting equipment, densifying equipment and other various recycling equipment.  

Let us assist you with all of your recycling and waste handling needs.