Balers and Baling Systems for Recyclables

Do you need to bale recyclable materials with more efficiency?

At BE Equipment, we offer sales and service of different kinds of hydraulic equipment with great expertise. From new metal balers to plastic bottle balers, metal balers, UBC balers, aluminum can balers, paper balers, foam balers, bimetal balers, and shrink wrap balers, we provide various baling equipment and baling systems you need. You can enjoy the assistance of our sales department in choosing a suitable model based on your budget and needs.

New Balers In-Stock


The new balers on offer at BE Equipment are produced by a wide range of popular and reliable manufacturers, including:

  • International Baler Inc.
  • Bace Corporation
  • Machinex Industries, Inc.
  • C&G
  • Max Pak
  • C&M Baler
  • JV/Cram A Lot Baler
  • Vertech
    (GPI Harmony Baler)
  • Maren Baler
  • Excel Mfg.
  • Imabe
  • SP Industries
  • REM Manufacturing
  • Bramidan
  • Orwak
  • Miltek USA


Are you in need of a specific type of baler?

Different types of baler or baling equipment are offered from several manufacturers. These types are:

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Available Nationwide 

From the US to Canada and Mexico, our new balers are available for sales everywhere. With the assistance of our baler/recycling equipment department in New York, W. Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, and District of Columbia. Nationwide services are also available in other parts of the country through our subcontractors. 

Maintenance Program

Maintenance programs are available for different kinds of balers including horizontal balers, vertical balers, two ram balers, and auto-tie balers.